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Green Frog toddler slippers

Green Frog toddler slippers

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Green Frogs cute felted wool slippers with non slippery soles is a perfect Christmas gift idea for the little ones! These playful toddler slippers are handmade from natural materials and carefully decorated. Healthy, natural, eco-friendly and almost weightless – these are the main features that distinguish Bure Bure items from others. Because of the insulation of wool fibers, feet remain cool on a hot day and warm on a cool day. Natural felted wool prevents from sweating and massages the feet.
AVAILABLE SIZES FOR FELTED SLIPPERS. This design is available in all shoe sizes. Specify colors and details you want this item to have.

CARE:1) Freshen up your woolen slippers by shaking them and getting rid of crumbled dirt, clean them with the vacuum cleaner and leave to ventilate for a few hours. 2) Dry clean. 3) Hand wash felted slippers in a warm water with a small amount of wool cleaning agent. Let woolen footwear dry naturally in a room temperature.
Caution: do not leave felted slippers with latex soles in a direct sunlight!
Actual product color can slightly vary from the picture due to different screen settings.
Slippers in the picture are Natural dark gray and Spring green.

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