Shoe soles determine how the shoes will be worn.

Are you looking for bedroom slip-ons? A pair of classic slippers that you can rest your feet in? House shoes in which you could confidently step outside? Or solid snow boots to fully enjoy the winter?
Depending on your needs, the shoes and slippers soles can either be strengthened with natural latex or hand-stitched.

Let's take a look a look at your options.


Non-Slip Natural Latex for Lightweight Home Slippers

Slippers with latex soles are the most breathable and lightweight because no firm sole is hand-stitched on the wool. Instead, a few layers of liquid latex are applied to the woolen sole to make it sturdy and non-slippery.

When latex is applied the right way, it absorbs into the woolen sole. You can feel the difference, but the sole color remains almost the same as the rest of the shoe.

Latex sole slippers are designed to only wear at home. 

Latex sole is a layer of latex on the bottom of the slippers

    Recycled Leather/Suede & Cork: Beautiful Home Shoes

    This is a time-tested version of the classic house shoes. Although the slippers with leather or suede soles should be worn inside, you can also take them outdoors when the path is dry!

    Considering the weather conditions, feel free to hang out in the backyard or pick up the mail while wearing these beauties.

    At BureBure studio, we use recycled leather and suede. We pair the material with cork and then hand-stitch both soles to the woolen slipper with professional shoemakers' threads.

    If you pick this option, tell us whether you'd like to get leather or suede soles.
    Hand-stitched cork and leather sole on the bottom of the felted wool slippers

    Natural Crepe Rubber: Take Your Slippers On a Walk!

     Caoutchouc rubber soles are particularly flexible, durable, and versatile. You can wear them at home or outside when you run errands!

    As crepe rubber softens with each wear, this material provides superb traction and cushioning for your feet.

    The soles are hand-stitched to the wool shoes with sturdy, professional shoemakers' threads.Thin crepe rubber soles on the bottom of the welted wool slippers

     Caoutchouc Rubber : Durable indoor Outdoor Slippers and Shoes

    Warm woolen shoes or boots is a smart choice if the winters tend to get bitterly cold where you live.

    Rubber sole is comfortably bent, and it features a higher heel. Such a shape is natural to human feet; it makes the footwear extra comfy to walk on a dry snow. The soles are stitched with professional threads.