Healthy & Natural

What makes BureBure so unique? It becomes apparent when you experience the comfort of felted wool shoes and realize nothing else can replace them.

Rest Your Feet

We offer hundreds of different shoe models, all with one common feature - the inner part is 100% woolen. Only the outer part is strengthened or decorated. Wool is the most comfortable and visually stunning alternative to human hair, making our footwear breathable, seamless and supremely comfortable.


Our shoes weigh only around 200-300 grams (0.44-0.66 pounds) regardless of the model you choose, be it felted slippers, sneakers, or ankle boots. You'll feel like walking barefoot in the air! The secret to this weightless footwear is primarily determined by the material and the process used to transform it - wool and felting. Felting is one of the longest and purest processes in textile. At BureBure, our woolen footwear is felted by hand into a solid structure using just clean hot water and natural olive soap.

Little girl holding a little lamb sheep in a farmstead close to forest
  • Experience the comfort of BureBure slippers, designed to keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer thanks to the insulating properties of natural wool.
  • Discover the natural antiseptic properties of wool, which creates an air-permeable environment that prevents the survival of microorganisms and mites.
  • Keep your feet feeling fresh and dry with felted wool slippers that absorb up to 40% of their own weight in moisture, preventing over-sweating.
  • Enjoy the added benefit of a gentle foot massage with every step, thanks to the unique texture of felted wool that promotes circulation.
  • Each pair of BureBure slippers is handmade to order, allowing for customization to fit your unique preferences and needs.