BureBure items are very practical. They are non slippery due to a special soles making technology - a secret, which my grandad revealed in order to make the most comfortable organic footwear. There are three options available :

Non slip natural latex

Natural liquid latex rubber for indoor use. Making & sticking sole is the last step of shoemaking. Clear, natural latex keeps soles non slippery, elastic and sturdy. The liquid absorbs into the woolen slipper easily and that is how we make a flat sole of several inches which is breathable. Natural latex soles are practical for indoor wearing however these kind of soles are less long lasting than other material soles.

    Crepe caoutchouc rubber sole for durable wear

     ~ 0.15'' rubber flat type soles are particularly flexible and suitable for indoor & outdore wearing.As it softens more and more with each wear, the material provides excellent traction and cushioning for your feet. Stitched with sturdy, professional shoemakers threads.

    Recycled leather/suede and cork

    Classic & time tested version to be worn indoor and outdoor considering the weather conditions. Stitched with sturdy, professional shoemakers threads. Specific method when two different soles became one for a durable wearing only at BureBure. 
    There are two available options - recycled leather & cork flat soles or suede & cork flat soles. We will appreciate your short message when ordering.

     Caoutchouc rubber Oaken sole for outdoor wear

    BureBure woolen slippers / boots slippers are smart choice for any time. Caoutchouc rubber Oaken sole is designed especially for outdoor use. These durable, nicely bented sole's shape has 0.07'' high heel which gives comfort for your movement. Stitched with professional threads.