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Dark Green Wool for Wet Felting, Tyrolean Bergschaf

Dark Green Wool for Wet Felting, Tyrolean Bergschaf

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Only one step to masterclass!  Soft and firm dark green Tyrolean Bergschaf wool is perfect for wet felting – it speeds up the production of sturdy woolen items.

Also, at BureBure studio, we created a unique color palette that will make your felted works stand out! 

Tyrolean wool comes from sheep keepers in Europe.

Trendy Colors

The colors of this wool palette were developed and carefully selected at BureBure studio. The wool was custom-dyed at an old factory here in Europe.

The palette is created in such a way so that the colors would match each other. Combine various wool options and you will come up with eye-catching and balanced color combinations.

The palette is regularly updated with the new trendy colors and blends that allow you to keep up with the fashion.

Felt Sturdy Items Faster

We aim to work with the best wool that turns into high-quality items fast. Tyrolean mountain sheep wool has exceeded our expectations. We use it ourselves and share it with other makers who want to master wet felting.

It is so simple to form soft & durable items from Tyrolean wool! At the same time, this wool doesn't become too stiff or immobile during the felting process. If you make a small mistake, you can slightly reshape the felted form.

This material suits both professional artisans and beginner DIY enthusiasts. This wool is irreplaceable in workshops.

Tyrolean wool is perfect for felting shoes and slippers, rugs, pet housing (also bedding for dogs, cats, hedgehogs, etc.), toys, or firm accessories such as bags, belts, hats, sauna caps.

It is not the best wool for knitting or felting thin and tender items such as clothes, scarves, or brooches.

Shipping the Orders

Each batch of wool is made exceptionally for the BureBure felting studio and workshops. We test batches' quality ourselves before we send it to you.

Bonus for shoemakers: we add a chart that specifies how much wool is needed to felt a pair of shoes for each foot size.

If you are interested in buying a large amount of wool, contact us. We will offer you wholesale prices and shipping options.


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