How Wool Is Made

The felting process is a pleasant activity if you choose suitable wool for felting, reliable tools, and accurate measures.

There are various wool types and each of them suits different needs. What's great for knitting may not be good for felting and what's good for dry felting may not be great for wet felting.

It is difficult to find wool that felts into sturdy & durable, yet, soft & flexible items. For 15 years as professional shoemakers, we've been aiming to discover such material.

Tyrolean wool has become the one to meet our standards. It's high-quality and it’s one of the fastest wools to felt. We recommend it to both beginners and professionals, producers and workshop holders.

Each process – the selection, carding, and the final preparation – is closely monitored by us.

Undyed wool preserves all wool's natural qualities since they are uncarbonized and only gently cleaned with water.

Dyed wool color palette is created at BureBure studio. Its' colors are unique and they match each other. We regularly update the palette with trendy seasonal colors to keep the selection modern and up-to-date.