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Felted wool shoes and slippers making class in our farm

Its easy! You need just 2 days, and you can make yourself a comfortable, unique pair of wool shoes or slippers! This is 2 pair from our last felted wool slipper and shoe making workshop. Private lessons are available to book by email or phone +37061682685

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Handmade leather free sheepskin - alternative to the traditional sheepskin rug

Felted wool rugs are leather-free alternative to the traditional sheepskin rug. The sheep is grazing happily without its winter coat in our summer pasture.Wet felted by hand from natural white Skudde sheep wool - one of the oldest sheep breeds in Europe. Skudde sheep are grown in our farm under the most natural conditions and in line with animal welfare standards. While sheering, my husband tried his best to preserve the structure and shape of the fur. Before felting, I carefully turned the rug over so that all the fur would stay in its place, then, I felted its inside. The rug, felted this way, preserves its unique shape and structure: it has shorter hair at the center, which is...

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