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Felted woolen Bure Bure slippers with magical Christmas apples

Christmas is unimaginable without sweet and sour smell of apples. But have you ever wondered how did people enjoy fresh fruit on their Christmas table in the past, when there were no fridges whatsoever? Our Baltic ancestors already had a firmly developed fruit storing process centuries ago. They saved apples in hay, which naturally absorbed humidity, and when the time had come, used fresh fruit in many ways: decorated home, Christmas tree, performed white magic divinations and rituals.
It feels that nowadays, when we are surrounded by supermarkets, which offer variety of premade products from almost every corner of the world all-year-round, we gradually loose respect to such an important part of living cycle – food – we had before. When French croissants are for breakfast, sushi for lunch and Italian pizza for dinner, food becomes nothing but quickly fading entertainment.

We support Slow food and Slow living movements in our farm. We grow ecological vegetables and fruit, make long lasting interior elements from local wood and felt shoes from wool of Skudden sheeps’, which we keep.
Bure Bure, as well as my husband‘s collection Wood Wool, are more than just products for us. It‘s our lifestyle, rituals and beliefs we offer. When we send you shoes made by our own hands, we feel connected to you, sharing the same values, so naturally, we want to add something unexpected and beautiful to your slippers. Let it be apples for Christmas – the mystical symbol of life, love and knowledge. Let it be even more: I will add straws of hay to every gift wrap so that apples could survive a long journey from our farm to your home.