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Deer Nine Horns or Rudolph, the Deer of Santa Claus

Our Baltic ancestors have observed sky as other tribes did and they've also developed their own Zodiac with specific system of Zodiac signs. The equivalent to Scorpio (10.24-11.22) in Baltic zodiac was called Deer Nine Horns. It is a mythological creature believed to be a healer, God servant, fighter with evil. In multiple Baltic sayings, Deer Nine Horns carries Sun on his horns so it is believed he is a prototype of Rudolph, the Deer of Santa Claus. Pure and profound, Deer Nine Horns paved the way for Santa to move forward no matter what problems arise. No wonder why people, born on long November nights, are similar to their totem: patient pathfinders, never afraid of darkness.
Find Deer Nine Horns resting on felted white BureBure slippers, made from natural sheep wool, ready to be sent to any part of the world. With a little help of your own knitted friend, you will move forward much faster.