Our Visions & Values

We believe in thoughtful co-operation instead of careless competition.

We deliberately share our experience with colleagues and teach others how to felt. We also advocate genetic diversity and the usage of natural, local resources or leftover materials. People, who share similar values, are always welcome to join our ranks.

Honoring Earths Resources

It doesn’t matter if the item is healthy or natural if it is made in a careless and wasteful way. Thus, we do our best to minimize the waste and ensure that both work processes and newly bought materials are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and reusable. Here is how we do it:

  • We don’t premake shoes. Production starts when the order is confirmed.
  • We reduce product miles. When we decide to buy something, our people check if local businesses can offer such goods. For instance, we purchase leftover leather and suede from local manufacturers.
  • We work with ethical businesses that share similar values. Our tools and materials are either made by ourselves or bought from producers that we find to be ecologically aware & responsible.
  • We carefully monitor wool production. We've replaced artificially-dyed wool with natural undyed materials to monitor their further preparation. Wool that we use and sell is prepared and colored according to our own requirements.
  • The materials we use to decorate our items are mostly all upcycled. For example, we buy leftover strips of Indian silk, which are thrown out after sewing saris.
Drone picture of a forest land in winter

Preserving genetic diversity

We feel the need to preserve the genetic resources of the environment we live in. 

Ancient sheep breeds are undeservedly unappreciated in most sheep farms where profit from a large amount of meat, milk, and wool is preferred to a wide genetic spectrum. 

Over thousands of years, traditional sheep breeds adapted to natural climate changes and developed specific features, such as strength and immunity, which mustn’t vanish because of human consumerism. 

Our family raises ancient Skudden breed sheep that grow in natural conditions. They roam freely in unmanaged pastures that have never been fertilized. We shear the sheep carefully, with our own hands. 

Social responsibility and fair-treatment

We want BureBure to become an example of how socially responsible business can improve life quality in Lithuania. 

Nowadays employees still rarely participate in the decision-making processes of their companies, but we think it is necessary. 

At BureBure studio, everyone has a right to participate in brainstorming and discussions. We are against harmful working conditions, artificial supplements, or office hierarchy. 

Instead of that, we seek to offer a healthy environment, fair payment, and a cozy workplace that employees would be proud of.