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Natural grey - Bergschaf Tyrollean wool for wet felting

Natural grey - Bergschaf Tyrollean wool for wet felting

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One of the best wool for wet felting - Bergschaf wool (or Tyrollean wool - Tyrolean wool -mountain sheep wool)! I use this wool every day!

Felting process is simple, pleasant and relaxing activity, but only if you know enough about the felting technology, if you choose right wool for felting, plus reliable tool and measures. We offer 6 beautiful colors of this natural wool which is ideal choice if you felting slippers, shoes, rugs and carpets, cats, dogs or even hedgehogs houses. 

We’ve 12 years of felting experience, thus we know how to select the best quality wool for specific shoe type. 

Each batch of wool was tested and made specially for BureBure felting workshop so it comes straight from out hands with 100% guarantees.


We packed this wool into 500 grams / 17,6 oz packages. Every pack features a label with a chart which will help you to choose right measurements for the size or a type of the shoe you want to felt. 

If you are interested in a large amount of wool, please feel free to contact me and we will offer you a wholesale prices with appropriate shipping prices.

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