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[felted_slippers],[wool_slippers], [burebure_slippers]
[felted_slippers],[wool_slippers], [burebure_slippers]
[felted_slippers],[wool_slippers], [burebure_slippers]

BureBure Rustic Felted Wool and Linen Slippers for Men

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BureBure is a family owned enterprise founded in an organic sheep farmstead in Lithuania, Northern Europe. Based on European wool felting traditions, BureBure production is 100 % handmade from sustainably sourced, eco-friendly materials.
Natural felted wool prevents sweating and massages the feet. Because of the insulation of wool fibers feet remain cool on a hot day and warm on a cool day.
These extra durable men slippers is a combination of natural linen, which strengthens footwear, and undyed sheep wool.
Making and shipping BureBure. Production starts only after order is confirmed. Items can be customized per customer’s requirements, they are sent via reliable shipping companies. If the item doesn’t fit you, we kindly ask to contact us and discuss refund options.
Don’t wear this footwear if you are allergic for lanolin oil, sheep wool.
Take care of your slippers
For hand stiched soles
1) Freshen up your woolen slippers by shaking them and getting rid of crumbled dirt, clean them with the vacuum cleaner and leave to ventilate for a few hours.
2) Dry clean.
For latex soles
Hand wash felted slippers in a warm water with a small amount of wool cleaning agent. Let woolen footwear dry naturally in a room temperature.
Caution: do not leave felted slippers with latex soles in a direct sunlight!
Actual product color can slightly vary from the picture due to different screen settings.
These slippers on main picture are natural black with colourful linen strips. They have hand stitched leather soles.