Wool felting workshop in Iceland 2019

Wool felting workshop in Iceland 2019

Finally I have put all memories, views, emotions and new experiences together. Two weeks ago BureBure family came back home from wonderland - ICELAND. My husband and the oldest son Azuolas agreed that this country should be on the “must see” list. Some people call it "moon" land on earth and this phrase describes it straight to the point. Wool felting workshop went great. One of the main goals was to help people realise and appreciate local sheep wool resources. Icelandic wool is easy for felting but at the same time you need to be careful cause the felt could become as hard as a local rocks. We taught Icelanders our own wool felting techniques, showed how to use felting tools in the right way. After four days of felting everybody was satisfied with the result. There was two separate groups of wool felting beginners. In the end of workshop we count 40 new, unique pairs of handmade slippers. 

BureBure team is proud & glad to have a chance to spread our old, unique felting traditions all over the world. A little sneak peek for the future - BureBure is planning to come back to amazing Iceland and make workshop again! Thanks a lot for Agricultural University of Iceland for this great opportunity to meet amazing people!

We are open for all the invitations and offers to come and explore local wool resources. Small communities, beginners or masters of felting, organisations or enthusiastic craftmens - let’s cherish wool felting together! 

If you are interested in felting workshop, feel free to contact us & get more information.

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Best wishes, BureBure family. 

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