Wool Slippers Felting Workshops

We’ve been felting slippers for a decade and holding training courses for 10 years already. We offer short, beginners’ workshops as well as advanced level explicit trainings, which combine theoretic and practical tasks.

You don’t need any special preparation for BureBure courses since we provide students with all the equipment and materials needed. If you choose our programme, you can expect to finish a first pair of slippers on the first training day.

Our team loves travelling abroad! We have international training experience and are interested into meeting new people. Therefore, if you are not able to come to our studio, invite us to your country.

Main lecturer of trainings is BureBure establisher Inga Samusiene. For groups of 10 students or more, Inga’s husband Kestutis Samusis joins her.

Workshops can be held in Lithuanian, English or Russian languages.

Contact us: inga.samusiene@gmail.com