About BureBure

BureBure is a family business founded by Inga and Kestas.

BureBure's story began in 2006 when Inga discovered the art of felting and started experimenting with wool footwear. Inga comes from a family of three generations of shoemakers, and Kestas brings his technological expertise to the business. The name BureBure was Kestas' idea, meaning "sheep" in Lithuanian, as the family raises rare, endangered sheep breeds on their farm.

Before starting her own business, Inga worked as a web graphic designer, and she now uses her skills to photograph BureBure products and their farm. Inga also creates all of the production technology, designs most of the wool colors, and almost all of the BureBure designs, including the popular animal face designs created by her nine-year-old daughter, Vasarė.

Kestas is responsible for the technical side of BureBure's operations. The family lives in a rural village and raises their four children on their farm, where the kids are involved in the family business at all levels. BureBure is a small, family-run business that creates long-lasting and ethical wool footwear.

Two newborn lambs of ancient Skudden sheep breed in ForestSheep farm