Woodwool - stylish interior elements from recycled materials

Woodwool - stylish interior elements from recycled materials

Every thing has its story. Though, for some of the them the story is too short.

We push recycling to the next level: we start to design stylish, long-lasting interior elements from things people throw out. Think about WOODWOOL. Think about pipes, cans, wine bottles and stone as materials that make your home cozy.

Inspired by natural raw Lithuanian village we live in, my husband Kestas has set a new goal in his life: to stop wasting materials.

So now he keeps old pipes, pieces of wood, stone and other  trash in our farm. Furthermore, he spends evenings and weekends cleaning, separating,  constructing from it and tries to set a new life for, basically, every durable material which we tend to call old “rubbish”.

I couldn‘t keep myself away from  Kestas new hobby.  Recycling design is  something we need to tell in  public. It is necessary for our Earth and the future of our children, it is practical, sustainable, money-saving... and, I have to admit, terribly  interesting!

When you start thinking about how quickly a useful material becomes unuseful, this idea horrifies. How fast do we empty a can of  Cola? Five minutes. How long does it take to open a can of dog food and pour its content out?   One minute. A wine bottle becomes a waste in an hour or two. What‘s next? A dump and ages of decomposition.

In best case, some of this rubbish can be sorted to be reused. Why not make  this result stylish and attractive?

And then, again, I come back to wool as a solution. When we see wool, we usually think about traditional ways of using it – shoes, clothes, accessories. Everything what‘s left after the production is understood as waste we don‘t need. That‘s a pity. Wool is much more. Wool is something miraculous. It obeys hand moves and  repeats the forms.  Wool is so seamless, so plastic, that it sparks a new life to every little thing it touches. So we just need some creativity, energy and a tiny bit of wool to experience revival of  “old rubbish”.

Do you want to see how WOODWOOL looks like? Take a glimpse.

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