Our Latest Project - Sustainability Wool Mix

Our Latest Project - Sustainability Wool Mix

Introducing our Latest Project - Sustainability Wool Mix

Those who know me, know how important the environment is to me. The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters of the environment and the statistics are alarming. So, I try to do my part in making a difference in any way I can.

At BureBure, we don't produce our goods in advance. We only start production once we receive an order to avoid any unnecessary surplus of unsold products. We try to use as many locally sourced materials as possible, and we source our wool from Europe. Additionally, we strive to use as much leather waste as possible from other manufacturers to reduce waste.

In our latest project, we took this philosophy one step further. You may recall seeing piles of discarded, unsold, or worn clothing in landfills. It turns out, it's possible to separate wool from these discarded textiles and repurpose it. This is called "refurbished wool."

At BureBure, we select wool from the Bergshaf sheep. This breed's wool quickly and efficiently felts into dense felt, making it ideal for our products.

I've long noticed the property of wool to "eat" or, more precisely, to felt other animal or plant fibers (such as linen, hemp, alpaca, silk) or even fabrics. Soft, thin fibers suitable for felting will quickly felt together. However, good felting wool can even felt sturdy and thick materials such as linen. We've used this property in our zero-waste series, where we decorate the surface of our products with scraps of linen fabric. But this is just the beginning. I know we can create very durable felted material by felting large quantities of various textile scraps. It's a project I will definitely work on in the future.

So, this time, we combined our felting wool with refurbished wool to create a mix of wool that felts well and helps to repurpose textile waste from the fashion industry. In the photo, you can see my shoes made from this mix. We're currently testing products made from this mix and have provided wool test samples to some of our customers. We've asked them to test the speed of felting and the properties of the resulting products.

So far, the results are very promising. My shoes wear just as well as those made from pure Bergshaf wool. Soon, we'll introduce products made from this wool mix to our online store.

We're excited to continue our efforts to create sustainable and eco-friendly products at BureBure. Join us in making a difference in the fashion industry and the environment.

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