Chance to win BureBure felted wool ballet flats slippers!

Chance to win BureBure felted wool ballet flats slippers!

Another giveaway, another chance to win BureBure felted wool ballet flats slippers.

As always in the spring, when there are fewer orders, we create new models. This year we decided to focus on simple but perfect and functional forms, as well as the beauty of the felt surface.

But most of my clients know that I avoid unnecessary things, and I sincerely believe that we have polluted our world with too many things... So I want to create a full spectrum of colors, as many different felted surfaces as possible, but I want each unique pair to have its own owner. I want you to have a say by showing your favorite colors and decorations.

So, you can choose any color you want and leave a comment. If you win, I'll make it for you, take a photo, and send it to you. Everyone wins - you get your pair, I get a new felted surface, and my Instagram gets the attention it needs for true small handmade.

To enter:

1. Like this post.
2. Share on Facebook.
3. Follow Instagram profile.
4. In the comments, write your desired color and size, and decoration (beads, polka dots, or patterned).

That's it. The giveaway ends on April 27th.
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