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Slip-On Slippers SEMI-Grey

Slip-On Slippers SEMI-Grey

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Women US Size
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Our SEMI-V natural wool women's slippers feature a simple classic shape, undyed gray wool for a purely organic touch. The interior, made entirely of wool, ensures that your feet only come into contact with natural fibers, offering a unique wearing experience.

Low back clogs - easily wearable slippers with a reduced heel, recommended for those who like to slip on shoes quickly and prefer wearing backless slippers.

These Women's slippers are suitable for all seasons, providing insulation and breathability that wicks away heat and moisture from the inside of the clog, keeping your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day.

NO SWEAT - NO ODOR Staying warm doesn't mean staying sweaty. Our 100% wool-insulated slippers allow your skin to breathe, sans synthetics or plastics, eliminating unwanted odors and making them ideal for sweaty feet. Wear them with or without socks.

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