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Wool and Linen - house slippers for women

Wool and Linen - house slippers for women

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BureBure's everyday home slippers for women are meticulously handcrafted from undyed wool and adorned with colorful scraps of linen fabric. These fragments reinforce the felt and create a unique, mosaic-like surface decoration. Natural wool boasts fantastic properties, regulating temperature, allowing breathability, absorbing moisture without feeling damp, preventing sweating. They can be worn barefoot, making them suitable for year-round use, perfect as summer slippers too.

Our sustainable slippers are perfect for those who value handmade craftsmanship, environmental responsibility, and personal comfort. Whether you're relaxing indoors or stepping outside occasionally, these handmade wool slippers provide unparalleled coziness and style. Drawing inspiration from Lithuania's textile heritage, we blend sturdy linen remnants into the felt, resulting in durable and uniquely designed footwear. That's what makes them a warm and unique gift for your feet or your loved ones—whether it's for your mom, wife, or daughter.

Wool's remarkable ability to fuse with various materials creates a surface of exceptional strength and texture. In Lithuania, renowned for its linen clothing industry, leftover fabric scraps often find new life in our creations. Each pair of slippers becomes a testament to individuality, as the linen pieces interact uniquely with the felt. Choose BureBure for slippers that are as distinctive as they are eco-friendly and comfortable.





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