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17.5mic Extra Fine Merino Wool Prefelt | Width 140-160cm 55-63inch | 80 g/m2

17.5mic Extra Fine Merino Wool Prefelt | Width 140-160cm 55-63inch | 80 g/m2

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Our 17.5 microns prefelt is made from extra fine merino wools sourced from Australia, ensuring consistent quality for your felting projects. Ideal for both wet and needle felting techniques, nuno felting projects, this prefelt is renowned for its exceptional softness and versatility.

Crafted with care, our prefelt is dyed in Europe to meet European standards, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting colors. If you've experienced the softness of 19 mic or 21 mic merino wool, you'll be amazed by the luxurious feel of our 17.5 microns prefelt. Its delicate texture makes it perfect for crafting garments, slippers, scarves, hats, felted flowers for headbands and brooch and various clothing accessories.

  • 17.5 microns Extra fine merino prefelt

  • Available in packs of 0.5 m, 1 m and more

  • Width: 140-160 cm (55-63 inches)

  • Weight: 80 g/m² (2.56 oz/yd²)

  • Colors: Camel, Curry, Red, Turquoise

  • Shrinkage factor: 1.5

From a 1-meter length (1.4 width prefelt), you can felt 2 single-layer hats (8 photo) and still have plenty of prefelt leftovers for making flowers.
Alternatively, from a 1-meter length (1.4 width prefelt), you can felt 1 double-layer hat (8 photo) and still have plenty of prefelt leftovers for making flowers.
With 1 meter of prefelt, you can also felt 8 units of 3-petal layer flowers, each measuring 10-15 cm in diameter. (9 photo)

Due to hand-cutting, the dimensions may not be exactly as you choose, but we always strive to cut slightly more. Before crafting, remember to unroll the fabric on a flat surface and allow it to rest or stretch after transportation or folding. You can also use steam ironing to help the fabric achieve maximum smoothness.

Instructions for felting a scarf (photos 3-7) - suitable for beginners to professionals:

  • Cut the desired prefelt piece, keeping in mind that it will shrink during felting. Feel free to decorate it as desired.
  • Lay it on a bubble wrap and spray it with soapy water. For easier handling, you can wrap the prefelt and bubble wrap around a firm object (wooden or plastic dowel, PVC pipe, etc.).
  • Carefully fold it into a roll with the bubble wrap and roll it 15-20 times. Smooth out any wrinkles diligently.
  • Rotate your piece 90 degrees, then roll it again for another 15-20 times. Unroll, check, and adjust, smoothing out any wrinkles as needed.
  • Rotate your piece another 90 degrees, then roll again for 30-40 times. Unroll, check, and adjust.
  • Repeat this process until your scarf reaches the desired felting level and size.
  • Gently rinse with wool washing agents, squeeze out excess water, steam iron, and lay flat to dry.

You can also create a two-tone scarf by felting together two different colors of prefelt. Experiment with appliqués, silk, threads, or other compatible fibers to add unique embellishments to your creations.

Experience the extraordinary softness and versatility of our Extra Fine Merino Wool Prefelt—perfect for bringing your felting projects to life!

Shipping the Orders

Each batch of wool is made exceptionally for the BureBure felting studio and workshops. We test batches' quality ourselves before we send it to you.

If you are interested in buying a large amount of wool, contact us. We will offer you wholesale prices and shipping options.

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