BEST Felted wool shoemaking device
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BEST Felted wool shoemaking device

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Tool for felting up, grinding and smoothing the surface of felted item (the same as felting stone, but plastic!!!). It is a simple and genial plastic tool made by my husband!

  • Resistant against the water
  • Non fragile
  • With handle

Eight years ago I started felting. I started felting like most of the ordinary women - on the dining table in the kitchen. Felting process requires very little - just wool, soap and water.
Currently me and my husband not only felting and selling our felted production, but we are involved in teaching and training felting in our country or abroad. Our felting workshops takes part in rural communities, schools, we work with various socialization programs. Over the years, we have collected enough practical knowledge and selected the suitable, reliable and long lasting sets of tools and measures for felting.
Felting process is pleasant and simple activity, but only if you know enough about the felting technology and if you choose right and reliable tool and measures.