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Round Cat Basket with handles CHUNKY Turquoise/Russet Brown

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Cats not only love to rest in this round knitted furniture, but also scratch it once in a while. Cozy round bed will be cat's best spot for resting & hiding. Made from natural wool which is the most breathable material. Because of the insulation of wool fibers, your pet will feel cool on a hot day and warm on a cool day. Natural wool is hypoallergenic, so it prevents dust mites and does not cause sweating. 
  • Cat Basket with handles - you can easily move Your cat.
  • Chunky cat bed - basket is lightweight, pleasing to touch.
  • Kitty bed is hand knitted from 100 % natural wool.
  • Perfectly rounded shape
We make our items based on individual customer needs. We save Earth’s resources and start felting only after your order reach us. Usually it takes 5 days to prepare CHUNKY cats furniture. We use only the most reliable and worldwide shipping companies to send our product.  
Bottom Diameter:
  • S - 14 in
  • M - 16 in
  • L - 18 in
  • XL - 20 in
  • XXL - 22 in
Chunky knitting requires careful and attentive maintenance. Dry clean only.