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Pure Grey COCOON woolen ladies slippers with minimalist pull loop
Natural Gray Felted Wool No Heel Slippers with Red Stitching and Red Leather Pull Loop
Undyed Gray Felted Wool Slippers with a Red Recycled Leather Pull Loop
Warm Woolen Women's Slippers with Red Stitches and Hand-Stitched Gray Leather Soles
Personalized Handmade Linen Bag with a Greeting Message

Gray Women's COCOON Slippers with Bright Red Pull Loop

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These warm woolen slippers are hand-felted from natural undyed wool.  Such wool maintains all its natural qualities because the fibers' structure remains unchanged during the preparation process.

A pull-on loop from recycled leather is not only an exclusive decor detail; it also helps to slide into the slipper faster. 

All COCOON slippers and shoes feature sturdy and durable stitching that strengthens and decorates the footwear.