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Cat Lover Felted Wool Slippers for Boys and Girls

Cat Lover Felted Wool Slippers for Boys and Girls

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Little kid Slippers Natural Light Brown Kitty are made from felted sheep wool and decorated with natural wool locks. Felting is long and eco-friendly process where wool is felted by hand in to a solid structure with use of clean water and natural soap only and addition of lots of intentions, time, hand warmness and positive energy. Hand stitched leather label with BureBure logo. 

AVAILABLE SIZES FOR FELTED SLIPPERS. This design is available in all shoe sizes. Don't forget to write down if your shoe size is in UK, US or EU measurement. Specify your feet length, width. Tell us if they are narrow, wide or have high instep. Specify colors and details you want this item to have. 

MAKING AND SHIPPING BURE BURE. The felting process starts ONLY after a purchase is made. Thus, I kindly ask You to be patient and wait 5 days for your slippers to be prepared for shipment. By doing this, you avoid a waste of materials, which is a frequent issue in an industrial manufacturing. 

CARE: 1) Freshen up your woolen slippers by shaking out crumbled dirt from them. Then suck it up with a vacuum cleaner and leave to ventilate. 2) Dry clean. 3) Hand wash felted slippers in a warm water with a small amount of means for wool cleaning and then let woolen footwear to dry naturally in a room temperature. 

Caution: do not leave felted slippers with latex soles in direct sunlight! 

Because of the different screens, colors on the photos might vary slightly from the actual colors of the items. 

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