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BureBure shoe lasts

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These durable high quality shoe lasts with removable instep for felted wool slippers, shoemaking, felted boots.

These shoe lasts have a great BureBure shape, so your felted shoes will feel comfortable and look beautiful. The instep part is movable. It is easy to work with since you can easily put your felted shoes on and off. You can also get your shoes dry on it.

It’s been eight years as I am involved in felting affair. Being professional felt maker I gathered enough practical knowledge and information and now I know for sure - the best investment is an investment in to the reliable, comfortable and long - term tools and measures.

This particular model of shoe lasts can be used for a long time. After all, even if you decide to sell it - the shoe lasts will still have a valuable price. Hot water and abrasion don't effect them since they are made from long lasting hard plastic.
The shoe lasts for producing leather footwear has got different shape and measurement than shoe lasts for felting footwear. Shoe lasts for felting are shaped closer to natural foot shape. They've got more curves.
These shoe lasts for felting are resistant to water, slippery, thus there are no trouble to stretch felted item on the shoe lasts for forming.
In the beginning of my felting it was a lack of the well formed water resistant shoe lasts for felting footwear and I decided to appeal straight to the shoe lasts producer personally and shortly we had a conversation and were making some tests to find out the shape what fits best for felting footwear. And finally the producer made a decision to start producing this particular shaped plastic shoe lasts. Since then this specially shaped particular shoe lasts for felting footwear is most popular among felt makers.