Healthy & Natural

What is so special about Bure Bure production? The answer becomes evident when you wear it for some time, then lose it, miss it and understand that there is literally nothing in this world to replace it.

The Qualities of Natural Wool

Production of BureBure felted wool slippers starts only after order is confirmed. Items can be customized per customer’s requirements. Each pair of slippers visually differs from the previous because it’s all handmade. There is only one feature which stays the same no matter what: the inner side of slippers is made from 100 % wool so that your feet would touch only natural materials.

Rest your feet

The secret of weightless footwear is primarily determined by material and process, which transforms it - wool and felting. Even nowadays felting remains one of the longest and purest processes in textile. BureBure woolen footwear is felted by hands into a solid structure with just a use of clean hot water and natural soap. By adding attention, care and hand warmness we make our items unique.

It doesn’t matter if you choose felted slippers, sneakers of ankle boots,  wearing them you’d feel like walking barefoot in the air!  Inner parts of slippers are fully made of natural wool so this is the only material your feet touch. BureBure slippers are incredibly light,  most of them don’t even weight 200 grams (0.44 pounds). What’s also fantastic about woolen slippers, is that they’re seamless. It means that they are a perfect choice if you want to have some foot rest.

You might ask why we stick to this rule so much. That is because we know that wool is the most aesthetic and comfortable analogue of human hair in this world.

Did you know that :

  • wearing Bure Bure slippers, you feel warm on a cold day and cool on a hot day due to insulation properties of the wool fibers?
  • Wool is natural antiseptics? Microorganisms and mites do not survive in this condition as wool is air permeable.
  • Felted wool prevents feet from over sweating as absorbs moisture up to the 40 % of its own weight?
  • Felted wool massages feet? By pressing dozens of acupressure points, which exist on feet, we can cure pain, diseases and psychological problems? Walking in slippers which naturally activate these points improve bloodstream, reduce inflammation, avoid tiredness and stress and keeps a good mood during the day with no additional effort?