About BureBure

A decade ago me and my husband Kestas gave up city life for an old farm in Lithuanian woods, where we could raise children, live a slow life and work without stress. Together we established an organic farmstead ForestSheep and began to take care of and ancient Skudden sheep breed.
Lithuania Drone photography Nature surrounding ForestSheep farmstead from up aboveTwo newborn lambs of ancient Skudden sheep breed in ForestSheep farm
Ancient Skuden breed changed very little throughout the time. They were almost extinct once, but because of responsible farming initiatives to protect them, these beauties are still on our planet.
We raise Skudden under the most natural conditions and animal welfare standarts. Our sheep walk around freely. They are sheared by Kestas hands twice a year. After shearing, he cards the wool in our farm using small carding equipment and prepares it for felting.
BureBure production is 100 % handmade, all models created by myself. I like using natural, “raw” materials :  sheep wool, linen, hemp, silk fiber, recycled fabrics. A large part of wool used for producing is generated in our farm. We are the only wool artisans in Lithuania, who make items from raw, unwashed, unpainted wool.
Wool leftovers on felting table
Felt making process takes place in a family studio, on a table my husband has constructed for me. All items are handmade without chemicals, only with water and natural olive soap. At first, wool is laid on a prepared template and moistened with warm water. Sometimes, decorations or other fabrics are added. Using only natural olive soap and water, wool is felted into a desired shape and left to dry on a special shoetree. Finally, we add soles and hand stitched BureBure leather labels.
In order to reach an ultimate feet comfort, I have created various design of slippers. In 2008 I started a comfortable step-in slippers line which became one of the most ordered choices for indoor footwear. I was also the first who started making felted wool sneakers - a stylish outdoor solution - envelope slippers, Moon Craters. I've experimented a lot with various 2in1 designs, mixed different fibers such as linen into wool, decorated items with wood, leather and recycled sari silk.