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About success, failure and a fair attempt to do the right thing which I failed at

We are different and our feet are different. This is the reason why mass-produced items do not fit us and thousands of new pairs of shoes end up in a dump. So when standardised products disappoint, it is time to find those, who listen to individual needs of a customer -  craftsman. Currently I get more and more requests from people with non standard feet or legs to make personalized footwear.  These people can’t put on mass-produced items for different health issues. Their one leg might be shorter than another or one feet  wider than another. When that’s the reason, it’s relatively easy for me to help: I use different size shoe lasts or make higher insoles. However, it is...

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See how we decorated BURE BURE studio for Christmas

We’ve finally found time to decorate BURE BURE studio for Christmas. The highlight of our “artwork”  is my three-year-old daughter’s Vasare snowman, which she made out of two felted bean bags and a ball. Vasare chose pieces of bright, electric blue wool to create eyes and hair and a little bit of red wool for lips. Next to the snowman, we placed BURE BURE felted slippers with deer ornaments so that snowman wouldn’t feel alone. Finally, felting table was covered in colourful wool leftovers since we never throw them out. By the way, we already think about creating beautiful clothes or carpets from them in the nearest future!

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Inspired by my students: check cute and curly felted slippers from Gotland sheep wool

Last week I had a guest in my felting workshop - a vibrant woman Ruta from “Barono vila” homestead in Anyksciai district. Not only Ruta brought some great wool, which inspired me to design new slippers, but also told a lot about the place where she lives, surrounded by wild deers and does, and got me interested in visiting her after Christmas when the madness of giftsmaking, wrapping and sending to you worldwide will end. Back in 2010, Ruta’s husband Petras started to grow deers and does in their luxurious lithuanian homestead. Wild animals were kept for breeding and demonstration while their meat was used in villa to cook for their guests. As of now, you can get a comfortable...

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