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N E W arrivals for cat lovers

With more than 5 years experience we are excited to suggest the best quality of our pure wool, hand knitted furniture for cats. We know that you care about their wellness and proper, peaceful rest. In fact we create a NEW design of cat sleeping round basket with two soft handles. We called it "Do not disturb". Funny name, right? We all know that cats are like big bosses at home. Playful, tricksy and always sleepy. Felted wool CHUNKY basket with handles is exactly what you looking for. Stylish, lightweight, natural, healthy woolen furniture. Move your sleeping kitty from one place to another in simple easy way.
In this picture we demonstrate cat basket which is size L (18 in ). Our lovely model cat Mog weight about 10 pounds. 
BureBurePets - cats furniture handcrafted with love and care for sleeping, playing & hiding.

 Lazy Mog chilling at his comfy round basket. Hand knitted basket's size L. His weight is around 10 pounds ( 3.5 kilos ).